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Varicose Vein Stripping Treatment vs. Sclerotherapy


Normally, the valves in the veins ensure that blood flows up toward the heart. When these valves don’t function properly, blood can slide backward. This condition, known as chronic venous insufficiency, can cause blood to pool in the legs and may result in pain, swelling, cramps, varicose veins, skin changes, or leg ulcers.

After taking a medical history and an exam, a specialist vein doctor may suggest an imaging test to look at blood flow and the structure of the leg veins before suggesting vein disease treatments. Traditionally, only highly invasive surgical remedies were available for varicose vein removal.

Vein stripping is a procedure where varicose veins are physically removed by a surgeon through incisions. It is not the most favored option due to the number of incisions usually required, and also because of the length of recovery time needed.

However, varicose vein specialists now offer new laser vein removal options, which are available to replace old-fashioned surgical methods. Two of these highly-effective modern methods include:

  • Endovenous Laser Ablation – With the help of ultrasound-guided laser technology, endovenous laser ablation is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved procedure that produces immediate results in most patients and requires little to no recuperation time. After a local anesthesia is administered, a varicose vein specialist introduces a small catheter into the vein with ultrasound guidance. This is followed by a small laser fiber, which delivers gentle laser energy, causing the vein to close. The procedure takes only about 10 minutes to do and requires no hospitalization or surgery center.
  • Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins – During this procedure, a varicose vein specialist uses a tiny needle to introduce an FDA-approved sclerosant into the vein, drops at a time. This gentle, yet effective medication causes the vein to collapse and close. Over time, the closed vein gets absorbed by the body and disappears. The sessions are typically completed in the office, within 20 minutes per leg.

When it’s time to seek treatment, a specialist vein doctor can effectively treat varicose veins, spider veins, and other symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency using the latest endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy techniques.

Because no scalpels or sutures are utilized in either treatment, there are no long-lasting scars or keloids.  There’s minimal discomfort, and most treatments are characterized as being virtually painless. With these modern therapies, most people can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. Additionally, most major health insurance carriers provide coverage for the treatment of vein disease and venous insufficiency when medically necessary.

If you would like more information regarding laser vein removal options for your varicose veins, please contact the Goldman Vein Institute today at one of our two convenient locations:

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