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About Phlebology and Vein Disease

Passion in the Veins

Double board certified vein doctor, Dr. Alex Goldman, explains how vein disease left aesthetics and became phlebology.

Bulging varicose veins and unsightly spider veins are more than a cosmetic problem; they could be indicators of serious health issues. Dr. Alex Goldman, from the Goldman Vein Institute, works to educate patients about dangers associated with vein disease and the importance of phlebology.

In 2005 the American Medical Association approved phlebology, the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases, as a medical specialty. Then, in 2008 the American Board of Phlebology was created to certify vein specialists, like Dr. Goldman.

“A lot of people were out there evaluating and finding the need for treatment of vein disease, but the only doctors we were able to refer to were vascular surgeons, and all they did was vein-stripping surgery,” Goldman said. “As technology evolved, there has been a need for this specialty to evolve, and that’s how phlebology came about.”

Many people mistakenly consider varicose veins and spider veins to be aesthetic issues. Dr. Goldman helps patients understand that phlebologists treat more than just symptoms, they treat the whole disease.

“What causes the varicose veins are those little valves that break,” he said, describing how oxygen depleted blood stagnates and overloads the system. “When that happens, you’re at an increased risk for phlebitis, blood clots, pulmonary emboli, and worsening symptoms such as itching, burning, aching, pain, heaviness, tiredness, fatigue, restlessness, and swelling.”

Dr. Goldman recommends people with venous problems visit a phlebologist for specialized medical treatment.

The Goldman Vein Institute has locations in Jupiter and Wellington. For more information visit goldmanveininstitute.com.

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