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Jupiter Vein Clinic: The Causes of Bleeding Legs

If you notice bleeding from your legs, your first reaction is likely to be panic. What is causing it? What do you need to do about it? Can the condition be treated? The Goldman Vein Institute, your vein clinic in Jupiter, answers your most commonly asked questions below in an effort to provide you with the necessary peace of mind in terms of the best course of action.

  • What Causes Bleeding Legs? 

Unless there has been an obvious injury or abrasion to the leg, the most likely cause of a bleeding leg is that of vein disease, especially if you suffer from varicose veins. Vein disease results in a pressure build-up in the legs that worsens over time. Eventually, this pressure causes the veins to rupture which brings about the bleeding. The veins may rupture on their own, however, rupturing can also occur when the veins have been exposed to heat (like in the shower) or rubbing (when wearing tight clothes or washing).

  • What Do I Do if My Legs Start to Bleed? 

The first course of action is to apply pressure to the site of the bleeding. Try not to panic. Even if you are suffering from vein disease, it is unlikely that the bleeding will be severe. If you are concerned, seek medical attention as quickly as possible. If you manage to stop the bleeding quickly a visit to the hospital is unnecessary. However, it is advised that you seek assistance from a vein clinic in Jupiter so that vein disease experts can help to treat the problem.

  • Who Is Most Likely to Suffer from Vein Disease? 

Vein disease is common in older people. However, age is not the only factor that can heighten one’s risk of developing the affliction. Vein disease may also occur in the following instances:

  • During pregnancy, and/or
  • In those who spend long periods of time on their feet.

Vein disease is also generally more common in women than in men. The sad reality is that millions of people suffer from venous disease, but only a few seek treatment early enough in order to get it under control. The longer it remains untreated, the higher the chance that severe leg bleeding will take place.

For more information about the treatment of vein disease and bleeding legs Jupiter, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at the Goldman Vein Institute.

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