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How to Support Vein Health During Summer Heatwaves


This year we can anticipate a hotter-than-average summer throughout most of the U.S. according to the weather experts. Unfortunately, these high summer temperatures can cause your veins to dilate, placing stress on the veins’ valves and increasing swelling and discomfort.

However, here are some beneficial things you can do to improve how your legs look and feel during the heat this summer.

  • Exercise – Gentle exercise can help strengthen muscles, and stronger muscle contractions promote better circulation. Sitting or standing for long periods impedes circulation, so take frequent breaks with short walks.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Foods that are rich in bioflavonoids are especially beneficial to improving vein health. Bioflavonoids help reduce varicose veins with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Additionally, obesity is a risk factor for varicose veins, so eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk. Attempt to add fiber into the diet while reducing salt intake.
  • Elevation – Lessen the effects of gravity on veins by placing your legs above your heart for 10-15 minutes once or more each day. It will also help alleviate swelling. If you are already experiencing varicose veins, you may have noticed varicose vein bleeding. Varicose vein bleeding can be heavy, but it may be controlled by elevating the leg and applying pressure to the area.
  • Wear sunscreen – Ultraviolet rays can weaken the skin’s upper layers causing the skin to lose moisture and elasticity. The veins just below the skin can become less able to flex and move properly.
  • Change sitting or standing positions regularly and take frequent breaks. Refrain from crossing the legs when sitting and avoid high heels and tight clothing, which can make varicose veins worse.

Although varicose veins and smaller spider veins may not be preventable, it is possible to stop the ones that already exist from getting worse and to delay the formation of new ones. Lifestyle can play a big role and certain changes can also help ease symptoms.

However, when varicose veins are troublesome or unsightly, it may be time to consult with a varicose vein specialist. Varicose vein removal can relieve symptoms, improve their appearance, and prevent complications.

If you would like more information about vein removal surgery, please contact the Goldman Vein Institute today at one of our two convenient locations:

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