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3 Tips to Improve Blood Circulation This Summer

The warm weather is finally here and summer is just around the corner. Summer is often accompanied by the need to show off legs and arms in swimsuits and weather-appropriate clothing. If you suffer from poor circulation, you may have venous conditions or leg swelling.

Don’t let these conditions stop your summer fun. Goldman Vein Institute wants to share these helpful tips anyone can use to boost blood flow.

Get Moving

The best way to increase blood circulation is to increase your physical activity. Whether you enjoy exercise, or it’s your worst enemy, there are simple ways to get your blood flowing without a ton of effort.

Instead of using an elevator or escalator, use stairs to increase heart rate and oxygen intake for healthier circulation. Take a walk for 30 minutes every day. You can make this enjoyable by bringing along your pup or a friend.

Any cardiovascular exercise is beneficial to those suffering from poor circulation. You can even exercise at your desk or while sitting. Do ankle exercises by rotating the ankle to each direction in increments of five. Stretch your feet by keeping toes on the floor and arching the heel.

Treat Yourself

Getting a massage may seem like a luxury to many people, but it is actually a healthy practice. If you have poor blood flow, a massage will stimulate the soft tissue, allowing blood to flow into any extremities with poor circulation.

Take a hot bath and relax, neck and body muscles will relax and arteries and veins will expand. When the blood’s pathways expand, circulation improves.

Combining either of these techniques with an exfoliator will not only feel great, it will help blood flow to the skin and remove dead cells.

Eat Well

While it may be evident, artery clogging foods should be avoided for better blood flow. Common artery clogging foods include eggs, dairy, dessert foods, and foods fried in oils that are saturated fats. If you are going to have a cheat meal, choose foods fried in unsaturated fats like canola or sunflower oil.

Eating foods that raise your body temperature (spicy) will increase blood flow. Sprinkle on the extra cayenne, add some chopped hot peppers, and add grated ginger to dishes. Garlic is another great food to add to your diet for poor circulation.

Contact Goldman Vein Institute

In addition to our premium spa services, Goldman Vein Institute offers a variety of treatment options for venous conditions. Contact our physicians if you are suffering from unsightly spider veins, ulcers, or leg pain. Learn more about our services and the conditions we treat, call one of our convenient locations today.

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