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Great Leg Exercises for Varicose Veins

Anyone can suffer from the various vein diseases and issues that exist, but today’s society makes them more and more prevalent. Obesity and vascular diseases plague people all over America. Men and women, athletes, young and old-they can all be afflicted with the pain of varicose veins.

Careers that involve a lot of standing or sitting, hereditary factors, and pregnancy are all high risk indicators of vein disease. This lack of circulation in the veins can exacerbate and enhance the pain felt from unhealthy veins. Adding a few exercises to your workout regime can help you prevent, manage, or even slow the progression of these veins.

Get Going with These Routines

There are some small things that can temporarily assist you in varicose vein pain. Rolling your ankles and rocking your feet on the ground will increase blood flow to your legs and calves and reduce the risk of clotting. Additionally, avoid wearing high heels; wear compression socks and get rid of the few excess pounds you may be carrying. These four things, in combination with exercise, will help varicose vein sufferers.

Several leg exercises can help those suffering from varicose vein pain. As a part of the cardiovascular system, working out is one of the best ways to prevent the onset of varicose veins. There are certain activities that can be more beneficial than others, and have less of a chance of increasing the pain.

  • Walking: Walking is an excellent low impact exercise that can help with leg circulation and increase blood flow back to the heart.
  • Swimming: Another excellent low impact exercise that increases blood flow. Additionally, the pressure from the water may even lessen the pain felt by your veins.
  • Stationary bike or elliptical: While a bit more difficult if you do not have access to the equipment, exercising on a stationary bike or elliptical maintains the principle of increasing blood flow to the legs without the negative of high impact on the joints

Exercises to Avoid

Certain exercises can actually worsen your vein condition. Try to avoid these workouts, or find alternatives to them if they were your workout of choice.

  • Running: Running can create swelling and make circulation worse in the legs. If you are an avid runner, try to run on synthetic surfaces or even grass. This will reduce the strain on your joints, calves, and feet.
  • Weightlifting: Weightlifting can also worsen symptoms of varicose veins. Lifting heavy weights can increase abdominal pressure and can reduce the flow of blood out of your legs returning to your heart. If you want to do some strength training, consider using resistance bands, weights but with higher repetitions at lower weight, or exercise with your legs at or above your heart.

Contact Goldman Vein Institute

If varicose veins are upsetting your life, or if you are being limited in exercise routines, try the suggested options for relief! Goldman Vein Institute offers varicose vein treatment for patients suffering from this venous condition.

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