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Don’t Worry! There are Pain-free Alternatives to Varicose Vein Surgery

Varicose veins often cause pain, achiness, itching, heaviness, and other discomfort. Yet, some people delay seeking diagnosis and treatment because they are concerned that treating varicose veins may be painful. Every day they suffer needlessly with their symptoms and with the unsightly appearance those varicose veins create for their legs.

However, varicose veins are a progressive condition that generally become worse over time, and can lead to other complications such as varicose veins bleeding, skin changes, and ulcerations. In the past, the only choice for treatment was varicose vein surgery with scalpels and sutures, but now there are other treatment options.

Leading edge laser surgery for varicose veins has revolutionized treatment with two highly-effective and pain-free alternatives.

  • Endovenous Laser Thermal Ablation – After a local anesthesia is administered, a varicose vein specialist introduces a small catheter into the vein with ultrasound guidance. This is followed by a small laser fiber, which delivers gentle laser energy, causing the vein to close. The procedure takes only about 10 minutes to do and requires no hospitalization or surgery center.
  • Sclerotherapy – During this procedure, a varicose vein specialist uses a tiny needle to introduce an FDA-approved sclerosant into the vein, drops at a time. This gentle, yet effective medication causes the vein to collapse and close. Over time, the closed vein gets absorbed by the body and disappears. The sessions are typically completed in the office, within 20 minutes per leg.

Because no scalpels or sutures are utilized in either treatment, there are no long-lasting scars or keloids, there’s minimal discomfort, and most treatments are characterized as being virtually painless. With these modern therapies, most people can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. Additionally, most major health insurance carriers provide coverage for the treatment of vein disease and venous insufficiency when medically necessary.

Don’t let the fear of treatment prevent you from seeking treatment for your painful and unsightly varicose veins. If you would like more information regarding pain-free varicose vein removal, please contact the Goldman Vein Institute today at one of our two convenient locations:

Jupiter 561-625-9853 or Wellington 561-790-4550, or visit us at www.goldmanveininstitute.com.

At the Goldman Vein Institute, our mission is to provide our patients with comprehensive care for varicose veins, spider veins, and other conditions caused by venous insufficiency. Our highly-qualified and experienced, board-certified vein specialists, Dr. Goldman and Dr. Varghese-Goldman, combine their extensive knowledge and experience, with the latest innovations in vein treatments.

With our offices in Jupiter and West Palm Beach Florida, the Goldman Vein Institute serves patients from Stuart, Hobe Sound, Tequesta, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Hialeah, Sunny Isles, Bay Harbor, Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, Aventura, Surfside, Hallandale, and Hollywood, and we welcome patients across South Florida to visit our state-of-the-art vein centers, where we provide the latest in vein treatment technology.


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